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Copyright (C) 2000-2005  The PARI group.

This file is part of the GP2C package.

PARI/GP is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
Foundation. It is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT

Check the License for details. You should have received a copy of it, along
with the package; see the file 'COPYING'. If not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. */

#include "stack.h"
int debug;
char *nameparse, *namelib;
int currfunc;
int lastpass;
int autogc;
int warn;

#define STACKSZ (1024)
#define GNIL    (0)
#define GNOARG  (1)
static   inline int min(int x, int y) { return (x<=y)?x:y; }
static   inline int max(int x, int y) { return (x>=y)?x:y; }

00029 typedef struct
  char *txt;
  long lineno;
} error_string;

00035 typedef struct
  stack s;
  char *txt;
} comment;

00041 typedef struct
  char *s;
  int c;
} strcom;
typedef enum {Fseq,


              /*This node is generated by genblock, not by parser*/
              Fblock, Ffunction
} Ffunc;
#define FneedENTRY (Fconst)
#define Flastfunc  (Fblock)

/*see parse.y for definition.
Fblock x: block number y:seq
Fgnil   : it's a noop, but if evaluated leads to 0.
extern const char *Ffuncname[];

#include "type.h"
#include "optable.h"
typedef enum {Cuser,Cauto,Cglobal,Cconst,Carg,Ccompo,
              Cimmutable,Cdefmarker,Cundeclared} Vtype;
  Cuser: Variable defined by user in the source
  Cauto: Variable get type of initialisation
  Cglobal: Global variable for this module.
  Cconst:  Variable affected exactly once in the code.
  Cargs:   Variable is a function's parameter.
  Ccompo:  Variable components are updated.
  Cimmutable: Variable affected exactly once in the run.
  Cdefmarker: Variable initialised to the default marker.
  Cundeclared: Variable was not declared.
00087 typedef struct node_s
  Ffunc f;          /*node function*/
  int x;            /*node left child*/
  int y;            /*node right child*/
  int t;            /*node type*/
  int m;            /*node mode bitmask*/
  int lineno;       /*linenumber of corresponding code*/
  int comment;
} node;

/* Automatic variables GP names are <number1>.
 * Automatic variables C names are {p,l}<number2>
 * with number2<=number1 since we remove unused variables.

#define varstr(y) (value[tree[(y).node].x].val.str)
#define vartype(x) (tree[(x).node].t)

00106 typedef struct
  int flag;         /*context type, Vtype bitmask*/
  int key;          /*context hashkey*/
  const char *cvar; /*context var C name*/
  int node;
  int initval;      /*context initial value of var*/
  int val;          /*context value, if constant*/
} ctxvar;

00116 typedef struct
  enum {AFaccess,AFaffect,AFaffectcompo,AFaffectcopy,AFrefarg, AFhide, AFclone} f;
  int idx;
} affnode;

enum {GCneeded, GCupto, GCglobal, GCreturn} GCenum;
00123 typedef struct
  ctxvar *c;       /*context stack*/
  stack s;
  int ret;         /*if not -1 , node number of var holding return
  affnode *var;    /*Data about variable*/
  stack v;
  int savb;
  int egc;         /*Extra var to be gerepiled*/
  long gc;         /*garbage collecting attribute, bitmask of GCenum*/
  int *gcvar;      /*List of var that need to be gerepiled*/
  stack g;
} context;

00138 typedef struct
  enum {AAtype,AActype,AAnoarg,AAsmall,AAstring,AAreftype,AAherevalue,AAlvalue,AAmulti,AAstdarg,AAoptsmall,AAopttype} t;
  int misc;
  int type;
  int mode;
  char *str;
} descargatom;

00147 typedef struct
  const char *cname;        /* C code */
  int type;                 /*return type*/
  int mode;                 /*return mode*/
  int nargs;                /*nb args*/
  descargatom *args;        /*type of args*/
} gpdescarg;

00156 typedef struct
  int nb;          /*nb of description*/
  gpdescarg *a;    /*array of description*/
} gpdesc;

00162 typedef struct
  const char *cname;          /* C name */
  const char *code;        /* GP code */
  const char *origin;        /* library name of the symbol, NULL for gp/libpari*/
  const char *help;
} gpproto;

00170 typedef struct
  int pdefnode;
  int defnode;
  int bl;
  int sarg;
  int narg;
  int bctx;
  affnode *var;        /*Data about variable*/
  stack v;
  int savb;
  int *gcvar;      /*List of var that need to be gerepiled*/
  stack g;
} userfunc;

/*Positive enum are private to funcspec.c/patchfunc.h*/
typedef enum {GPinstalled=-2,GPpari=-1,GPuser=0} GPspec;

00188 typedef struct
  const char *gpname;    /*name for GP*/
  int node;              /*Ffunction node*/
  GPspec spec;     /*Spec name for spec function*/
  gpproto proto;
  gpdesc *dsc;     /*Description or NULL*/
  userfunc *user;
} gpfunc;

#define functype(x) (tree[(x).node].t)
#define funcmode(x) (tree[(x).node].m)

int FC_badtype, FC_formatcode, FC_tovec, FC_cast;
int FC_decl_base,FC_decl_ext;
int FC_gerepileupto, FC_gerepileall;
int FC_const_smallreal, FC_const_real, FC_const_expr;
int FC_proto_ret, FC_proto_code;
int FC_default_check, FC_default_marker;
int FC_copy, FC_avma, FC_low_stack_lim;
int FC_forprime_next, FC_matrixrow;
int FC_proto_max_args;

int Vgen;
int Ggptr;
int Gpari_sp, Gbptr;

int max_args;

typedef enum {CSTsmall, CSTsmallreal, CSTint, CSTreal, CSTstr} CSTtype;

00219 typedef struct
  CSTtype type;     /*type of data*/
00222   union value_u
    long small;
    const char *str;
  } val;
} value_t;

00229 typedef struct
  const char *name;
} Ctype_t;

00234 typedef struct
  const char *name;
} GPtype_t;

00239 typedef struct
  const char *name;
} Mmode_t;

00244 typedef struct
  int ok;
  int num;
  int go;
  int ne;
} Clabel_t;

node *tree;
value_t *value;
gpfunc *lfunc;
ctxvar *ctxstack;
affnode *affstack;
context *block;
comment *com;
error_string *errors;
Ctype_t *Ctype;
GPtype_t *GPtype;
Mmode_t *Mmode;
Clabel_t *label;

stack s_node,s_value,s_func,s_ctx,s_aff,s_bloc,s_comment,s_errors;
stack s_Ctype, s_GPtype, s_Mmode, s_label;

typedef enum { err_func=-1,err_parse=-2,err_desc=-3 } err_name;

char *xstrndup(const char *s, size_t n);

#ifdef __GNUC__
/*Avoid spurious warning*/
void die(int n, const char *format, ...) __attribute__ ((noreturn));
void die(int n, const char *format, ...);
void warning(int n, const char *format, ...);

int listtostack(int n, int f, int *stack, int nbmax, const char *error,int nerr);
int listcalltostack(int n, int fnum, int *stack, int nbmax, const char *error,int nerr);
int listtostackparent(int n, int f, int *stack, int nbmax, const char *error,int nerr);
int genlistargs(int n,int *stack,int min,int max);
int genlistcats(int y,int *stack,int max);

int newcomment(void);
void pushcomment(int n, char x);
void gencomment(FILE *fout, int n, int flag);

typedef enum {PPend,PPstd,PPdefault,PPdefaultmulti,PPmultiarg,PPsep} PPproto;

PPproto parseproto(char const **q, char *c);

int newnode(Ffunc f, int x, int y);
int newnodecom(Ffunc f, int x, int y, int com);
int newsmall(int n);
int newrealnode(const char *s, int c);
int newintnode(const char *s, int c);
int newstringnode(const char *s, int c);
int newquotenode(const char *s, int c);
int newsmallrealvalue(long small);
int newentry(const char *s);
int newmember(const char *s);
int newleaf(int n);
int newopcall(OPerator s, int x, int y);
int newtag(int x, char *s, int c);
int newcoeff(int n, int x, int y);
int newlabel(int n);

const char *usercname(const char *s);

int is_const(int n, CSTtype t);

const char *entryname(int n);
int newuserfunc(const char *gpname);
int newblock(void);
int listtoseq(int *stack, int nb);
int newseq(int x, int y);
int newdecl(int flag, int t, int initval, int *v);
int newcall(const char *s, int y);
int findfunction(const char *name);
int findfunction_len(const char *s, int n);
int findfuncdesc(const char *s);
int findfuncdescopt(const char *s);
int findfunctype(char *s);
void genequal(int aff, const char *func, int *var, int *binf, int *t);
int addseqright(int seq, int n);
int addseqleft(int n, int seq);
int getfunc(const char *gpname);

const char *funcname(int f);
const char *GPname(int f);
void printnode(FILE *fout, int n);
void maketree(FILE *fout,int n);
int gentype(int n);
int genblockdeclaration(int args, int n, int flag, int type);

void genheader(FILE *fout);
void gencode(FILE *fout, int n);
void gencodeg(FILE *fout, int n);
void genblock_nolabel(int n, int p);
Clabel_t genblock_label(int n, int p);
void genblock(int n, int p);
void gentoplevel(int n, int p);
int addinitfunc(int n);
void gendeblock(int n, int p, int ps, int *r, int *rs);
void moveblock(int n, int p, int ps, int *r, int *rs);
void pilelist(int n);
void pileclean(int n);
void varlist(int n);

void gensemicomma(FILE *fout,int x);
void genparens(FILE *fout, int x);
void genparensg(FILE *fout, int x);
void genbrace(FILE *fout, int x);
void genindent(FILE *fout);
void genindentseq(FILE *fout, int x);
void genpercent(FILE *fout, int n);

void gencast(FILE *fout, int n, int nt);
void gencastf(FILE *fout, int n, int nt, int f);
void gencastl(FILE *fout, int n, int nt, int f);

void gentypedec(FILE *fout, int t);
void genvarproto(FILE *fout, int n, int nerr);

void genentry(FILE *fout, int n);
void genentryfunc(FILE *fout, int n);
void genprotocode(FILE *fout,int nf);
void genprototype(FILE *fout,int nf, int kb);
void gendeffunc(FILE *fout, int n);
void gendefblock(FILE *fout, int n);

void genblockfuncspec(int n, int p, gpfunc *gp);
int gentypefuncspec(int n, gpfunc *gp);
void genentryspec(FILE *fout, int n, gpfunc *gp);
void gencodenoarg(FILE *fout, int t, int n);

gpdescarg *descfindrules(int nb, int *arg, gpfunc *gp);
gpdescarg *descfindrules1(int arg, int nf);
void gencodedesc(FILE *fout, int nb, int *arg, gpdescarg *rule, int nerr);
int genfuncbydesc(FILE *fout, int nb, int *arg, int nf, int nerr);
int genfuncbydesc1(FILE *fout, int arg, int nf, int nerr);
int genfuncbycode(FILE *fout, int nb, int *arg, int nf, int nerr);
int genfuncbycode1(FILE *fout, int arg, int nf, int nerr);
int genfunc(FILE *fout, int nb, int *arg, int nf, int nerr);
int genfunc1(FILE *fout, int arg, int nf, int nerr);

int detag(int n);
int getlvalue(int n);
int getlvaluerr(int n);
int getvar(int n);
int getvarerr(int n);
int getvarbyname(const char *s);
ctxvar *getvarinblock(int n, context *fc);
int pushvar(int n, int ctype, int t, int initval);
void pushctx(context *fc);
void restorectx(int c);
void copyctx(int n, context *fc);
int newctx(int flag);
int newaff(int func, int idx);
void copyaff(int sava, int savc, context *fc);

int isfunc(int n, const char *s);
int isasmall(const char *s, long *res);
int newctype(const char *s);
int strtoctype(const char *s);
int newtype(const char *s);
int strtotype(const char *s);
int strtotype_len(const char *s, size_t n);
int newmode(const char *s);
int strtomode(char *s);
int geninsertvar(int seq, int ret);
int geninsertvarop(int seq, int ret, OPerator op);
int newgetg(int v, int l, const char *t);
void makeblock(int bl, int n, int aseq, int ret, int savx);
void makeblocks(int bl1, int bl2, int n, int bseq, int aseq, int ret, int savx);
void makeblocks3(int bl1, int bl2, int bl3, int n, int bseq, int aseq, int ret, int sav0, int savx);
int gengerepilelist(context *fc,int **gc);
void gengerepileend(int bl);

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